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Change is Hard

Image of Linda Baer
Linda Baer


These are turbulent times for higher education.  There are many accelerators and disruptors that are driving change, especially transformative change.  These disruptors include the use of technology; overcoming educational, economic, and social inequities; new ecosystems for work; large-scale change efforts that impact the entire organization; financial distress and declining public support; climate change; and pandemics.  While each of these serves as a catalyst for change, taken together, they provide major challenges. Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders: Norris, Donald, Gilmour, Joseph (Tim), Baer, Linda: 9781794856974: Books

While higher education is often viewed as slow to change, the major impact of the Covid pandemic required dramatic accelerated responses.  Institutions that were already strong in online programs, delivery, and support services did better during the massive institutional shutdowns of physical spaces.  Within weeks, colleges and universities determined plans to contact students, training in skill sets for designing and delivering programs online and developing technology services and support for students and faculty. This rapid pivot created a massive impetus for change that some had been resisting.  It reflected the major component of change, a sense of urgency.

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